Personal Antivirus SCAM  

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So this was the deal. My machine was NOT infected with a Trojan. It was another program called Personal Antivirus. Here is how it works.

It is basically an ad for a version of an anti virus program. The way it works is it makes it’s way onto your computer the same way a virus or spyware does. It then starts running fake scans and fake warnings that your computer is infected with Trojans and Worms, and that you can pay a fee to the company to delete the virus’s.

While doing this, it robs your computer of resources, and in my case, I think it corrupted my internet settings.

It took a simple restart of my wireless hub, and computer to get me back in cyberspace, so I am back to making some decent posts.


Personal Antivirus must be making a push lately. I have helped two people remove the same infection twice in the past week. Good luck getting back up to full steam!

You should never post without wearing a Trojan, gawd, will you ever learn?

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