Personal Antivirus SCAM  

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So this was the deal. My machine was NOT infected with a Trojan. It was another program called Personal Antivirus. Here is how it works.

It is basically an ad for a version of an anti virus program. The way it works is it makes it’s way onto your computer the same way a virus or spyware does. It then starts running fake scans and fake warnings that your computer is infected with Trojans and Worms, and that you can pay a fee to the company to delete the virus’s.

While doing this, it robs your computer of resources, and in my case, I think it corrupted my internet settings.

It took a simple restart of my wireless hub, and computer to get me back in cyberspace, so I am back to making some decent posts.

BACK for now  


Just a short check in.

After going through witdrawl due to lack of cyber access during my vacation, I once again find myself back in the 20th century.

I appears that my home laptop has picked up a Trojan, not the mythical horse statue, and not the weinie wrapper. No the F**K your computer up kind.

I am working on the situ, and will likely make short posts and commentaries from work, but not my usual rants.

Hopefully my friends will com back, because my analytics are going down hill fast.

Please check back soon.

Dry Land Training, SO Bad but SOOOO Good  

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I returned from vacation in pretty good shape. During my visit home with my parents, I managed to not overeat, not overdrink, and I got in several good workouts including two excellent rides in and around the city of Corner Brook.

That meant that upon my return home, I was back my pre-vacation weight withing a couple of days. So feeling good about myself, I decided to embark on a dryland training program. After a weekend of chest and back, and the Plyometrics, I spent this week sooo sore, I could hardly move.

Today I am coming around, and had a good leg session. Next week after the soreness goes away, I will be able to really hit it and within a couple of weeks see some good results.

In the meantime, it’s good to be back at work. Can you feel the sarcasm?

Race Report, St. John’s Triathlon  

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There I am, in the black wetsuit and pink hat.

As promised, for all those who have been waiting, here it is.

Like I said, my triathlon season is over. My A Race, the St. John’s Triathlon, was August 9. It turned out to be a great day for a race. Warm, but not too hot. But there was a decent head wind on the back side of the loop where the hills were.

For those in a hurry, the damage for me was 2:45:13. Good for 6th out of 10 in my age group, and 36 out of 95 overall in the full distance. I managed a decent effort in all three disciplines. It was probably a better than decent effort on the bike given the wind, with a 1:31 split. Given my training, it was a good day.


There was a slight chop, but nothing too severe. I swam hard but relaxed. I picked up a group on the first leg. Slowed, thought about passing, but then decided to tuck behind and save up. At the first turn, I picked up a good draft. Swimming hard but not killing myself, I concentrated on following bubbles, until the second buoy, then hard home. It was over before I knew it, and my split on the beach was just over 18:00.


Out of T1, and onto the road, I felt tired on the first loop. Played cat and mouse with a couple of other riders, and killed myself up the hills on the backside of the loop. Starting the second loop, I really started to come around. I felt good, started a good rhythm. On the hills I managed a couple of clicks faster than on the first loop. At the end of the second loop, I un fastened my shoes, and rode into T2 barefoot, and did a very quick T2. Split was 1:31


Out of T2, as soon as I was out of eyeshot of the crowd at the transition area, I almost slowed to a walk. My run started out similar to the start of my ride. I really had to fight through the feelings of wanting to stop and lie down. I finished my first loop and started my second loop. By then, I started to feel good enough to open up, at least open up for me. I tried to put on spurts when I felt good, and hang on when I started to hurt. Near the end, I was pushing to break 55 minutes. Not very impressive for a 10k in an Olympic distance. And over the line, I was just over 55.

The smile is because I can see the finish chute

Better than last year, but not as good as I hoped at the beginning of this season. I am reflecting on the positives and negatives, what went right and what went not so right, and what to do to turn it around for next year.

That’s a topic for another day. Stay tuned.

Musical Monday Home for a Rest  

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In honour of my return to work after a full 2 week vacation, here is "Home for Rest" by Spirit of the West.


I am Back  

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Capr Ray Beach. Water Temp 4 deg C, not 15 deg C.

Short but sweet. I am back. Still on vacation, but home at my home sweet home. Thanks for sticking with me. As promised. RR for STJ TRI coming.

The pic above is not Clearwater. this is Cape Ray Beach. This is where I spent my summers as a kid and young teenager. It was good to get back. My 8 YO loved the water.

St. John’s Triathlon  

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My triathlon season is over. My A Race, the St. John’s Triathlon, was this morning. Full report will follow, but It was a great day for a race. Warm, not too hot, maybe a little windy on the back side of the loop where the hills were.

The damage for me was 2:45 and a few seconds. Good for 6th out of 10 in my age group. Decent effort in all three disciplines. Probably a better than decent effort on the bike given the wind, with a 1:31 split. Given my training, it was a good day.

I am now officially on vacation. I will be travelling, and not sure when the next update will be, but stay tuned.

My tri season is over, but there are plenty of runs and ITT’s coming up in the fall, and my next focus is to try to PB my 20K time from last year. I am getting closer, but not there yet.

Friday Funnies, Female Cyclist Pictures.  

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OK be warned, if you are offended pictures of women, don't scroll down any further. Really, consider yourself warned.

Just for anyone who likes-em dirty.

This guy just seems to show up in all the right places!

This is what an angel should look like hey!
Last chance, consider yourself warned.

Now that's a really nice paint job.

If you like that one, here are three more. I mean really, your girls got to stare at lean sweaty pro cyclists for 21 days during the tour. I need my piggy fix.

Hydration, The New Rules or Are They  

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From an online article at Active dot com. The New Rules of Hydration includes several deviations of articles that I have read in the past. The one new rule I found noteworthy was New: Drink according to your thirst.

For years, sports nutrition experts advised athletes to drink "ahead of thirst," that is, to drink before getting thirsty and more frequently than what thirst dictated during exercise. Experts warned that by the time you feel thirsty, you've already become dehydrated. However, recent studies show that being in this state of slight dehydration has no negative impact on performance or health.

This advice is backed up by a study from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, as well as by Tim Noakes, M.D., a professor of sport and exercise science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, who states that “The idea that thirst comes too late is a marketing ploy of the sports-drink industry,"

I am not a PHD in exercise science, but this is what I know. At Ironman Newfoundland 70.3 last year, my seemingly unimpressive 5:47 was good enough for a 7th place in my age group, and close enough to the top to snag me a Cleawater"> qualifying slot on the roll down. How did 5:47 get me to Clearwater? Here is my non PHD informed opinion.

On a hot muggy day in late July, when a lot of people, were suffering in the extreme heat, I kept chugging along like an energizier bunny. I was passing many of my peers who should have been way ahead of me. More very excellent athletes were walking on the run, while I held a steady 9 minute pace for the entire 13 mile run. I didn’t realize the conditions were so extreme until I finished, and started to note who was finishing behind me.

Like several races before, I set out a plan, and stuck to it. In my preparation for Ironman Florida 2006, I devised a fairly simple nutritional and hydrating strategy, based on the “OLD RULES” every 15 minutes, ½ bottle of sports drink, ½ powerbar with ½ bottle water, ½ bottle of sports drink, gel and ½ bottle of water.

I practiced this on all my long workouts. On long rides, my bike was weighed down with bottles, and my pockets full of bars and gels. On long runs, I carried a bottle in a fannie pack holder, and also I carried cash and planned my route to pass several convienience stores along the way so I could duck in and fill up. Even in the cold dreary days of mid to late October when all instincts said “No you are not thirsty, no need to drink more” I stuck to the plan.

In Pasadena last July, I didn’t as much stick to the plan as let my body dictate what it had been trained to do. I was so accustomed to the plan that when I checked my watch, I was usually within a minute of my “SNACK” time. And in the end, it paid huge dividends.

So here is my advice. If you are confident that you can listen to your body, and know the true signs of thirst, and are disciplined enough to obey the signs, the by all means, just drink as your thirst dictates. But too many athletes, have been to focused on making up minutes or even seconds to stop at the aid stations, or slow down on the run and take in hydration, and once they finally listen to their bodies, it’s too late. And if you are signed up for your first Ironman, you need to ask yourself, if you are willing to risk all your hard training on a DNF and a trip to the med tent because you were too full of adrenaline and too focused on the 2500 other athletes to stop and hydrate.

For me, the old rules work fine, and I will stick with them thank you very much.

The Taper  

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Some people in triathlon excel at the swim, some the bike, and others the run. I don’t particularly have an individual sport that I excel at, but after about 8 years in the sport, I have developed a knack for showing up on race day totally ready. I have always been able to nail my taper. The key to this is The Triathlete's Training Bible.

This is one of the reasons I love Joe’s Book. When it comes to the taper, Joe spells it out in black and white. If you go to Chapter 10, you will find that taper week is layed out in separate sections labeled Six Days Before, Three to Five Days Before, Two Days Before, The Day before, and Race day. The key to a good taper is to rest up, while at the same time, including some light workouts with race pace pieces to keep you sharp. The quick rundown is as follows

Six Days before the Race

Active recovery swim ride, or complete day off after the last hard race simulation workout performed on Sunday.

Three to Five Days before the race.

Speed skill sessions including three to five 90 second bursts at race pace with three minute recoveries.

Two Days Before

Total rest. Good day to travel if you are doing a destination race.

Day before

Check out the venue and go for a quick brick workout. Maybe 30 minute ride and a 15 minute run which include a couple of quick pickups at race pace.

So my week is looking like this

Sunday: Sprint distance workout. Not as hard of a workout as I hoped, as there was a long delay between the swim and the bike, and there was still construction on the race route, so I had to deviate slightly, but I still did a couple of hard pieces on the bike, then followed it up immediately with a 20 minute run with some strides.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: TONIGHT, 20k ITT (Not totally to the plan, but I Couldn’t resist. Besides tonight is BBQ night) and OHHH what a night. Under 27:30 for a season best. But more on that later.

Wednesday: Off, actually this is a civic holiday. Regatta day and Kids of Steel is today. I’ll be enjoying a day off with the kids.

Thursday: Brick 60-20 easy with a couple of pickups. Not a hard ride

Friday: Off

Saturday: Brick 30-15 just like Joe says.

Sunday; St. John’s Triathlon.

Musical Monday, Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers.  

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Here is another East Coast favorite. This is an inspirational song if ever there was one.

A performance of "Mary Ellen Carter" by folk artist Stan Rogers, introduced by a story of inspiration from Chief Mate, of the Marine Electric, Robert Cusick. Taken from the documentary "One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers"

Unfortunately, Stan died alongside 22 other passengers (23 fatalities in all) of smoke inhalation on June 2, 1983, while travelling on Air Canada Flight 797 (a McDonnell Douglas DC-9) after performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival. The airliner was flying from Dallas, Texas to Toronto and Montreal when an in-flight fire forced it to make an emergency landing at the Greater Cincinnati Airport. Rogers made it out of the plane, but went back in to help other passengers escape. Stan Rogers was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia.

If you need inspiration to get off your butt and do something, have a listen.

NBC Network Nitwits, and the World Aquatic Championship  

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I guess marketing and sports go together like conjoined twins. I do realize that the marketing and the advertizing revenue is vital. Some sports like baseball and football are tailor made for cramming in sponsor names, and 30 second spots. But when it comes to swimming, I think it’s time to draw the line.

Take today, I was watching the 800m women’s semi final at the worlds in Rome. The total time for the race was a little over 8 minutes, but I guess that was too long for network executives. After 200m, they had to break away for not one, not two, but three commercials. The coverage returned in time to catch the last 200m which I guess for network brass, was good enough.

So if there is any chance that a network nitwit is reading my blog, 8 minutes is really not that long to sit and follow a single swimming event. For the record, I have no idea what the commercials were for, so how’s that for marketing impact.

You see, people who would tune in to an event like the world aquatic championship are not your regular, couch potato, beer guzzling, nacho woofing, NFL fan. They are most likely people who are genuinely interested in the event. You really are doing no favours.