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So you think you are too busy to workout? Here is a peek at was schedule last Saturday

7:00 Wake up and get breakfast for the family
8:30 To the curling club for Family Curling. (I help Coach)
10:00 Back home, and get snacks for the rugrats
11:00 Drop 6 YO off at the rink for skating
11:45 Drop 10 YO off at dance studio for hip hop.
12:15 Pick up 6 YO at rink and bring home
1:00 Pick up 10 YO at dance studio
1:15 WORKOUT 45 minute swim
2:00 Finish swim workout.
2:15 Lunch at Subway with 10 YO.
3:00 Birthday Party with 6 YO, at another pool. (Because once in the pool wasn’t enough)
5:00 Home from Party, bring mom to friends house.
5:30 Supper.
6:30 Me time. Watch TV and fall asleep by 7:00.

Of course this is not typical, I don’t have birthday parties every Saturday, but everything else is run of the mill. And as you can see, with all the running around, I managed a 45 minute swim workout. It’s not easy, but if you make it a priority, you can get it in.

So don’t whine to me about no time to workout.


I wake up early to train. In the week I get up at 4:00 to cycle. (weekends slightly later) That means I can be home and showered just as the rest of the household is waking up. And I get to see the sun rise - awesome.

If you make it a priority then you will find the time.

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