Triathlon Newbies. The Importance of Bricks  

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My weekend sessions included sessions in multiple sports including a 2 hour brick session on Saturday.

What are bricks, and how important are they? These are frequent questions from new triathletes. Again, I am not a professional coach, but this is my take on brick sessions.

A brick workout is a multi sport workout. I have heard swim bike sessions sometimes referred to as bricks, but the most common use of the term is to refer to a bike session immediately followed by a run.

So how important are they? The simple answer is more than you think. And the more competitive an athlete you are, the more important.

For what I refer to as a social triathlete, whose main goal is to train, maintain some fitness and simply finish the local race, bricks may be less important, and may only come near the end of a session as the goal race gets near.

However, for the competitive athlete, chasing a PR, looking for a podium spot, or qualifying for the world championship, they are essential. For my training, I try to include 2 bricks, and one swim bike session per week.

Bricks are important to get the legs used to the sesnsation of running as soon as you get off the bike. That sesnsation of heavy legs as you get off the bike and start into the run is referred to as lead legs. The more bricks an athlete does, the better the legs will perform in the run off the bike. Even the social athlete will reap benefits of brick training sessions as the run will be a more enjoyable experience.

You can find out more about my favourite brick workout, here .

Got my Mojo Back, Yeah Baby Yeah!  

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Well, it’s over a week since my return from the sunshine state, and I have to say, the vacation came none too soon. It was so good to wake up in the morning, head to the pool before breakfast, and not check the weather channel to decide what to wear. The choice was always simple. Red shorts with black trim, or black shorts with red trim.

But the biggest bonus for the trip was that the blast of vitamin D combined with the numerous sightings of runners, and cyclist wearing summer running and cycling gear; and a trip to Dave’s, got my MOJO back. As soon as I returned, and recovered from the return trip from hell, I immediately started my preparations for the upcoming Paradise Triathlon.

That race has gone from a planned A-Category race, to a 2.5 to 3 hour training session with an entry fee. I even contemplated dropping back to the sprint distance, but given the low number of longer events in my neck of the woods, as well as the fact that this will be the inaugural event at this distance, I think I’ll stick with it.

Also good to know that despite my absence as of late, I still seem to have a steady stream of followers, dropping by, and checking in. Thanks to everyone.