Paradise TriXXXX Duathlon  

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Alas, the afore mentioned update, but first a quiz. What is 10 degrees Celsius?
Answer, In the United States, its 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It will cause Hypothermia to set in and cause unconsciousness in 30 to 60 minutes. It is cold enough to cancel the swim portion of the 2011 Paradise Tri

So that turned the 2011 event from a triathlon to a duathlon. I was torn, because I hate duathlons. I’d much refer the swim. It’s the least weak of my 3 sports. But the prospect of swimming in water causing numbing extremities, and searing pain in my ears was not worth it, so the announcement was somewhat of welcome relief.

Until early in the first 5k lap, when my left calf proceeded to tighten up to the point that I could barely hobble back to transition. I decided to give the bike a go, and see if it would loosen up, but the foggy drizzly cold conditions meant that the further I rode, and the colder my feet got, the stiffer my calf became.

So after the first of 2 laps of the bike course, I decided to finish the ride, then pull out. After 10 years of racing, triathlons, running races, and cycling time trials, I would get my first DNF.

The upside, I am feeling ok today, and may not miss any training other than my regular recovery period. The downside, it’s my first ever DNF.

Anyone interested can check out the results here.

Crappy St. John's Weather!  

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Not to continue complaining about the crappy weather, but here are some stats, just to prove that I am not just a whiner.

Coldest average June since 1982

For 13 of 24 days this month in St. John's, High's in the SINGLE digit

22 of 24 days we have had Rain.

Today is the 21st day in a row that Fog has been reported for at least 1 hr at the St. John's airport.

So what are we going to do about it? Pop some vitamin D, and have a triathlon.

That’s right. The Paradise Tri is Sunday. If the water temp doesn’t hop a couple of degrees, it’ll be a du, so come on sun. I’d rather swim in freezing water than run bike run again.

Stay tuned for the update!

Triathlon Training Olympic Distance Rev 2  

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So someone does read my blog. Someone named anonymous left some very good advice in a comment on my previous Triathlon Training Olympic Distance
post. Basically I have too many hard days back to back which I abruptly found out my first week. That’s where the flexibility comes in. So I switched things up a little, and I have a little better week planned out.

Saturday: Brick (Long ride and long run, moderate intensity)
Sunday: Long Ride and Swim.
Monday: am swim pm optional ez run
Tuesday; Brick Half and Half
Wednesday: am swim pm Bike (Hills or intervals)
Thursday; Long Run
Friday: REST

I want to try to get in 4 run sessions, but I also know my body responds well to recovery, so I am leaving Monday open to do a swim and easy run, or maybe even blow off both and take a full rest day based on how I feel and where I am in my training schedule. Also, some changes in our work and school schedules has given me some flexibility with my morning sessions, and I can now get to an early morning swim.

So once again, any and all comments welcome.

Blog of the Week!  

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It’s not quite like winning the Stanley cup, but it’s still pretty good.

Let me set it up. I am at work, and my wife calls and says congratulations on being chosen Blog of the week, which is weird because she never reads my blog, and I have been pretty delinquent with my posting the last couple of weeks.

So I check it out, and sure enough. Newfoundland Blog Roll has chosen me. NL Blogroll is a blog about blogs, dedicated to bloggers in my home province of Newfoundland. If you want to find a blog related to something concerning Newfoundland and Labrador, you’ll find it here.
In blogroll’s own words”

“I figured with summer approaching (though you couldn't tell by the bad weather) it was a good idea to select a recreational related site to feature this week, and this blog from Jim out of St. John's fits the bill perfectly. Jim's space is all about 'Balancing Life”
So how’s that for a shout out!

Big thanks to the blogroll for choosing me, and thanks to my cuz for scoping it out, then posting on facebook.

Triathlon Training Olympic Distance  

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I approach my training a little differently from most triathletes. I don’t use a calendar, or spreadsheet, to painstakingly plan out, each and every training session over the season. In my past experience, that’s a waste of time anyway because with our unpredictable weather, and my family schedule, I often have to be flexible with my training.

According to my Google Analytics, I certainly caught the attention of a few with yesterdays post, although only one brave soul left a comment.

Since I have everyone’s attention, I decided to post my summer training plan, in preparation for my August 07 St. John’s Tri.

What I do is identify goals, or objectives, and then plan a standardized week that meets the objectives, but allows flexibility if I plan to do a B or C event or race.

My objectives are
1. 4 Bike sessions
2. 4 run sessions
3. 3 swim sessions
4. At least 2 to 3 sessions that are multi discipline sessions
5. Mid week quality session done as a brick. The run is at tempo pace, for time
6. Long brick on Saturday
7. Long ride on Sunday.
8. My A-Race is August 07

So to meet these objectives, my week looks something like this:

Saturday: Brick (Long ride and long run, moderate intensity)
Sunday: Long Ride and Swim.
Monday: Run (Hills or intervals)
Tuesday; am Bike (Hills or intervals) can be done on the trainer: pm swim
Wednesday: Brick Half and Half
Thursday; am Run (Recovery) pm Swim
Friday: REST

For Sunday’s sessions, up until the end of masters season, (End of May) the swim was done separate, and completed in the evening. Once water temps allow, it will be multi discipline session with a swim followed by a long ride.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. If you comment but don’t see a response from me, please send an email at

Check out this Eye Candy!  


Smooth and firm with nice curves in all the right places.

Of course I mean the one on 2 wheels, not the one on 2 legs you bunch of pervs. I came across this pic at PEZ, and I was so inspired by the photography, that I just had to do a google search and check into Stradalli Cycle.

And that is the genius of advertisers, and that’s why they get the big bucks.

Nice bikes, and I am sure if I had one it would make me WAYYYY faster. Check out Stradalli and check out PEZ.

I wonder what kind of cleats she has on her pedals?