1500m Freestyle New World Record  

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Here is a video of Sun Yang, breaking the World Record in the 1500m Freestyle at the 2011 World Championship.

This one is in slow motion.

You can clearly see how his elbow is high and arm bent at the catch, and he then drives the water past his body with his forearm.

A couple of more things that are incredible about this.

1. At the bell, he was more than 2 seconds off the record. He really poured it on in hte last 50m with his powerful kick.

2. In some of the video, going into his flip turn, you can see him taking extra breaths, that's on every half cycle, or every stroke. Makes you kinda question your masters coach browbeating you about your bilateral breathing.

3. He wins by 10 seconds over his closest competitor, Canada's Ryan Cochrane.

These are such a good videos to watch, and try to visualize as you hit the water at your next masters session, which for me is in 2 days.

A thing of beauty.

Triathlon in Newfoundland and Labrador  


Simon Whitfield winning gold in Sydney. Simon competed in the Corner Brook ITU Race 2003.

Unless you are a triathlete, or are married to one, you probably don't know
much about the TRI scene here in our province.

In fact I bet you didn’t know that the history of Triathlon in
Newfoundland goes back almost 25 years, and that there are now 7 races
Scattered across the province.

And in case you wanted to know, or maybe even wanted to tri one, a list of races are as follows, starting on the west coast and moving east.

1. Stephenville
2. Corner Brook
3. Gander
4. Carbonear
5. Paradise
6. St. John's
7. Torbay

Here is a brief description of these events, in my own words, in order
of their starts.

Paradise Triathlon.
WHERE: Octagon Pond Paradise
WHEN: Usually mid to late June
THE GOOD: Kicks off the busy Newfoundland and Labrador Triathlon Season.
THE BAD: Early season start means a cold swim. The 2011 event was
changed to a duathlon on race morning because of cold water

Stephenville Triathlon.
WHERE: 2011 event started at the Regional Aquatic Centre pool. Hoping
to move to an outdoor venue for 2012
WHEN: Early to mid July. 2011 was the weekend prior Carbonear
THE GOOD: The resurgence of an old event. Once a popular event on
everyones calendar, the race stopped after 2006, but has resurfaced.
THE BAD: Timing. So many events coming up one after the other, may
make it difficult to fit into a busy schedule.

Carbonear Triathlon.
WHERE: Swim and bike starts in Freshwater, The run starts and ends at
the Recreation Centre in Carbonear.
WHEN: Mid July, however organizers in the past have been flexible with
the date so as to not interfere with too many other events. Also,
traditionally the race has been a late morning start allowing athletes
to travel from St. John’s, about an hour and a half away.
THE GOOD: The coastal cycling route through Freshwater is one of the
most scenic bike courses you will find anywhere.
THE BAD: That same scenic cycling route is also on some of the worst
roads you will find in any race that’s not an Xterra.

Corner Brook Triathlon.
WHERE: Glynmill Inn Pond Corner Brook.
WHEN: Late July.
THE GOOD: Tradition and experience. Corner Brook is where it all
started, almost 25 years ago. It’s seen Olympic and Ironman Champions
on its course.
THE BAD: One of the toughest run courses you will ever do.

ST. John’s Triathlon.
WHERE: Rotary Sunshine Park just outside St. John’s
WHEN: Early August, usually the first Sunday following Regatta.
THE GOOD: Short swim, 1000m for the standard distance, 500m for the
sprint. Ideal for new athletes who are not strong swimmers.
THE BAD: The weather. Consistantly inconsistent, especially the wind.
Rarely is there no headwind on the outer ring road.

Gander Triathlon.
WHERE: Cobbs Pond Rotary Park, Gander
WHEN: Mid to late August.
THE GOOD: Flat course.
THE BAD: They always schedule it when I have other plans. I want to do
this race badly next year.

Torbay Tri for Health.
WHERE: Whiteaway’s Pond Torbay
WHEN: End of August, Last race of the year
THE GOOD: Fundraiser. The 2011 event raised $28,810 for Mental Health.
TH BAD: Fundraiser. After Girl Guides/Sparks, Basketball, Curling,
Gymnastics, not to mention School, I really don’t have the motivation
to raise the $100 minimum for the race entry. Hats off to those who

2011 NL Blogger's Choice Awards  

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Flatoutbuddy has been nominated for an award. 2011 NL Blogger's Choice Awards. Here’s the skinny.

Newfoundland and Labrador Blogroll is a blog about blogs, focusing on blogs related to my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Blogroll has created 10 categories with threads for each category, and listed 3 nominees per category. Flatoutbuddy hase been selected in the Sport/Recreation category.

I am in tough with 2 other really awesome blogs.

NL Running is a blog that has become the go to resource for everything running related in Newfoundland.

And NL Hockeytalk is a blog about anything hockeyrelated, with a slant towards provincial hockey.

Hockeytalk appears to be the frontrunner, and I have been a little slow off the mark, but I am hoping to hear from my 70 followers, and my 100 or so facebook friends, at least not get skunked.

So please check out the Blogroll, as well as my competition, NL Running, and NL Hockeytalk then vote for whoever you think is the best, which hopefully will be me. To vote, go to the category, and leave a comment telling who you are voting for. You can vote once per day.

Once again here are the links.

Vote for your favorite Sports/Recreational blog, including Flatoutbuddy,Here

Voting for all categories can be found Here

Check out NL Running Here

NL Hockeytalk is Here

And finally, the Blogroll home page is Here