I'm back  


It’s been so long since I posted on my blog, I almost feel like I am starting out new. Major work changes as well as the usual family commitments meant blogging took a back seat, but it now looks like things are quieting down, in fact next week, I may have a ton of time on my hands. But more on that later.

Race season was a hit. The St. John’s Triathlon, was a brutally tough race in extremely bad conditions. It was windy, cold and raining, but it netted me a second in my age group, I now need a first to make a set.

The season isn’t over yet for some, as Newfoundland Athletes, Jason Pretty, and Barry Yetman are in Miami preparing for the 70.3. Boy I miss Florida.

And at least one more Newfoundland athlete has a solid shot at joining Otto Ryan in Kona next fall. 2011 St. John’s Triathlon Female overall winner Michelle Young heads to Arizona in a couple of weeks. Michelle is a fierce competitor, and trains with Spinerval coach Troy Jacobson. When I say she has a solid shot at Kona, I am not exaggerating.

Finally, I am off to masters tonight. The last couple of workouts have been interesting to say the least. Last Thursday, it was 1500m for time. Easy on the coach, but tough on me. 27:14 is definitely something to improve on. As well as getting fitter and faster, I need to learn to count.

Hopefully, it will be less than 4 weeks to my next post. See ya on deck.