Spinervals Super 6 Day 2  


Day 3 for most, day 2 for me since I was granted an extra rest day by coach Troy after completing the 32 day challenge.

I picked up a cheapie cheapie Heart Rate monitor at Walmart to tide me over until my new one arrives, and discovered why it is cheap. It was consistently off by about 5 to 6 beats which I determined by using the old fashioned watch and pulse method.

Also, my spinerval 3 pack finally arrived. I did 60 minutes of the Spinerval Competition 39, and right there in the front row was the winner of our local race, My friend Michelle Young. I consider her a friend even it is only on facebook, and she hasn't UNfriended me yet. Michelle did this video while preparing for the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas, and went on from there to race Arizona, and qualify for KONA.

Tomorrow is threshold day. Can't wait!!!!


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