Easter training Tips  


1. Wait for a drizzly and foggy day, preferably on a holiday like Good Friday or Easter Sunday. If the forecast is calling for sunny and warm, don’t worry, the fog and drizzle will come.

2. Sleep in. Don’t try to get up early to see what the weather is like. It’s April in St. John’s. The weather is crappy.

3. Dress for the weather. But remember, oil skins are not flexible, and don’t breathe.

4. Timing is everything. If you time it right, you can hit the road just as the skies open up, and you get caught in a downpour that soaks through all 5 layers of polar fleece, which has a double effect of adding 20 pounds to power up the hills, as well as induce shivering and convulsions as your body tries to counteract hypothermia. That’s good for an extra couple of hundred calories if you are trying to get to race weight.

5. Finish up with a cold Blackhorse, and hot baked ham and scalloped potatoes.


Congrats for weathering the elements and getting your ride done!

And wouldn't you know it? Today was 9 degrees C, and sunny, until I got home from work. Then it started raining again!

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It does not matter how the weather is outside, if you have a training plan you should stick to it no matter what. I love running in April, the weather is cold but I put on warm clothes and I do not get sick.

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