45 is Not Too Old  


Anyone who thinks 25 is over the hill can turn back now. Go look for the latest Twilight news or see what Selena Gomez is up to.

This post is meant to inspire the rest of us. We may be getting a little long in the tooth, or a little stiffer in the morning when we get up, but we are working our butts off to fight father time.

Here is a series of 4 videos from Triathlete Magazine on 5 time Olympian, Dara Torres . Talk swimming and buckets full of Olympic medals, and everyone automatically thinks Michael Phelps, but Dara Torres story is no less inspiring. Check out this video series from Triathlete dot com hosted by Bob Babbitt.

Gotta love that Chocolate Milk! Chocolate Milk! Want more Dara ? read her book. You can find it here.

Easter training Tips  


1. Wait for a drizzly and foggy day, preferably on a holiday like Good Friday or Easter Sunday. If the forecast is calling for sunny and warm, don’t worry, the fog and drizzle will come.

2. Sleep in. Don’t try to get up early to see what the weather is like. It’s April in St. John’s. The weather is crappy.

3. Dress for the weather. But remember, oil skins are not flexible, and don’t breathe.

4. Timing is everything. If you time it right, you can hit the road just as the skies open up, and you get caught in a downpour that soaks through all 5 layers of polar fleece, which has a double effect of adding 20 pounds to power up the hills, as well as induce shivering and convulsions as your body tries to counteract hypothermia. That’s good for an extra couple of hundred calories if you are trying to get to race weight.

5. Finish up with a cold Blackhorse, and hot baked ham and scalloped potatoes.

Fresh Start  


With two newly tuned bikes, ready to hit the road, and a decent forcast for good friday, time looks right for the first outdoor ride of the year. I feel fit, am absolutely sick of the indoor trainer, and have some new duds to try out.

Just 16 weeks away, here is a little inspiration.

Unfortunalely, embedding has been disabled for this clip, and the best I can do is give the link which has to be copied and pasted into your browser window, but here it is.


Some Light Reading
And to help get myself in shape, some reading to take on my upcoming trip to good ole FLA. The first one is my wifes. I'll review them at a later date.

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