So you’ve come to find out more about me? Well my story is not as intriguing as Lance Armstrong, but I think it is interesting none the less. There’s a lot more to come, but here’s a start.

HOW DID I GET STARTED IN TRIATHLON? It really makes no sense. I had no interest in endurance racing, in fact, as a young teen up to my highschool years, I occasionally ran to train for other sports like hockey, or soccer. BUT I HATED IT!!!! I remember dreading phys-ed class when we were scheduled to do the COOPER RUN. And that was only 12 minutes.

However, Since 1984, when a small group of athletes got together and competed in the very first Corner Brook Triathlon, then called the Mini Ironman, I was intrigued by that type of event. As much as I hated running distances, the prospect of running as a part of an event like a triathlon interested me.

Finally in 2001, I signed up for my first sprint distance triathlon. It was early June, and cold, but the swim was in our local pool. It was tough, and painful, but I finished, and I was hooked. I then went on to complete my first Olympic distance race in August of that year.